Graphic Designer, Web Developer and Film Maker.

Hey there so you've heard of me? Great.  I would love to take a look at your project but I can't. I work fulltime on take a look.


I appreciate the interest in my work and feel free to join me on any of my social media but I can no longer look at Freelance projects.


Thanks for the interest.


Have a good one.


Chris Kellett

Support Needed?

I appreciate you may need support, you can email me at


I do not offer telephone support.


Be aware that I do charge £35 per hour for support with a minimum charge of £35 so make sure you have exhausted the internet for answers first.

What to do now?


You could see what other designers are available in the area? Avoid wordpress if you can. Be sensible about how much you will need to spend on your site. Don't forget to budget for marketing.


Looking for a good designer? Take a look at elance or behance.

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